The end quality of your selected photo to print is ultimately determined by the quality and resolution of your chosen photograph. This is why we strongly suggest you choose the highest/largest resolution photos possible.

Minimum Resolution Requirements

For the best print quality, we highly recommend choosing photos that are above 300dpi. Though, the minimum resolution we will accept is 72dpi.

For our small frames (4″-7″) the smaller DPI is generally fine.

Photos Selected from Social Media

Most photos chosen from Instagram or Facebook are low resolution files, or small in size, due to the compression applied to the photos during the initial upload process. In general, these photos will look great in our small 4″x4″ frames, but they would look even better if uploaded directly from your computer or mobile device.

If you receive an error prompt when selecting a photo to upload – this means your photo does not meet the minimum size requirements we will need to print your photo.

Photos from SMS/Texting or Messenger App

Unfortunately, you will find that most photos received through texting, or Facebook’s Messenger App do not meet our minimum requirements. Again, this is due to the compression applied to the photos during transfer.

Using the Photo Editor

Select your photo from your computer, mobile device, Facebook, or Instagram! You will be asked to log into your selected social media. You can then choose a photo from your galleries!

Select the trash can to delete your photo and start over. You may re-add it later, if need be.

Rotate your photo to get the perfect angle!

Cropping your photo! The yellow dotted margin shows where your photo will be cropped. Please be aware of this margin that is needed for framing properly. Your photo must fall OUTSIDE of this crop line to print properly, and to avoid blank space.

Resize, shrink, stretch! Use this tool to position and resize your photo within the frame and crop margins.